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Micro-chipping is Violation of Human Rights of the Minors

It is a widely known fact that every human being has a unique electrical heart pulse as well as a unique brain electrical frequency/wave.  Heart electrical pulse can also be linked to the brain wave. Lots of experiments have been done to find out how one can transfer messages to another person so that only this person can hear it. The fact that nobody’s brain neurons operate on the same frequency, is a brilliant discovery for those who want an absolute control over others and have technological capability with the powerful quantum machines that have instant processing capacity on multiple levels and everybody is a number.  The article Discovery of quantum vibrations in 'microtubules' corroborates theory of consciousness Lead author Stuart Hameroff and the subsequent study in phys.org state that:

“Clinical trials of brief brain stimulation aimed at microtubule resonances with megahertz mechanical vibrations using transcranial ultrasound have shown reported improvements in mood, and may prove useful”

The above direct manipulation of human brain needs to be understood in both ways. If the vibrations can improve the mood it can worsen the mood as well and poison the impression of the event, thus alter the perception. This study mentions patients in order to convince the public that they can ‘help’ the sick. Interfering with our individual brain function in such a direct way becomes more palatable if there is a proposal of some ‘medical help’ involved. Nobody should have the right to send electro-magnetic pulses to a person’s brain directly and alter his mood or perception either way. In other words, OUR OWN PERCEPTION SHOULD CREATE OUR OWN IMPRESSION.

“Journal of Neuroscience says that despite the major neural overhaul underway during adolescence, most teens maintained a unique and consistent pattern of underlying brain oscillations.  They say this lends a new level of support to the idea that people produce a kind of brainwave "fingerprint."”

Precisely, that is what these groups are aiming at, getting the children as early as possible to penetrate into their unique brain wave to control them; and the earlier the better. Teens are mentioned as they are so easy to manipulate due to their hormonal surge. These groups now have identified vulnerable youngsters and appeal us to micro-chip them on emotional grounds ‘to keep them safe’, counting on our lack of information about the full extent of their goal.

Throughout the pages of history, we have witnessed the extreme brutality that human beings can subject other Humans. With the development of technology to the point that it feels like science fiction, unfortunately, we, humans have not become more civilized but have learnt more sophisticated methods of brutality. However, the society around us is still not fully corrupt and it operates on some ethical standards. That is the reason when this brutality is introduced to us it is presented under the guise of doing some ‘good’ so that we can buy into this idea unaware of its true sinister application.

The US Senator, Democrat, Schumer is proposing to micro-chip the autistic children using ‘Avente’s Law’, alleging that these children wander and get lost. His is using the tragic death of an autistic child and emotionally blackmailing the public to accept this procedure under the guise of doing some ‘good and helping’ them. As things that are adopted across the Atlantic may eventually come to Britain, I would suggest something different: why not copy a good example and adopt the legislation that was taken by a small county in California called The Bodily Integrity Act which totally prohibits micro-chipping or digitally tattooing a minor as one would not give an alcohol or cigarette to a minor and adults can only be chipped or digitally tattooed with their informed consent.   Informed consent means that whole and entire information must be given to the prospective patient, including the fact that this procedure is likely to pick up his/her unique electrical pulse that links with a unique brain wave/frequency that nobody else operates on and the likelihood of his/her thought processes to be manipulated.  Other information regarding the digital tagging and micro-chip must be given as well referring to the electro-magnetic pulses unbeknown to the patients, instigating the movement to the direction regarded ‘suitable’ by the software and not by the person. There is plenty of scientific research corroborating and even boasting about this. This is also a ‘nice’ way to sell us the idea whilst it allows the groups intending to control a human brain to intrude in another human being’s brain to violate its integrity.

We should be allowed to process information without the direct interference with our brain.

Electromagnetic pulses can be sent wirelessly to any device such as a digital wearable, or a micro-chip, digitally printed tattoo or even directly to a human, as an upright water filled human being with electrical currents going through his heart and brain is a great antennae.The article about quantum transfer of memories on the same science site of phys.org also suggests the possibility of uploading the memories to a quantum machine. Now, we can see the scale of the problem if the interference into our brain is allowed. I would also argue that this type of fragmentation of memories does not benefit the patients either. It is our human right to pick up information using our own sensory equipment, sight, hearing, touch, taste, etc. Irrespective of their quality; and thus forming our own experience, our own memory of this event which will affect our perception and form our mood, subsequently, have bearing on our future decision making.  Autistic children are minors and they are below the age of consent. Precisely, because of that, it should be classed as violation of their integrity to affect their perception directly with the electromagnetic pulses. At any rate, an informed consent of the adult with corpus mentis must be required and precisely because the autistic patients may never be able to fully comprehend the extent of this direct intrusion into their brain, micro-chipping them will be a gross violation of their human rights and a severe brutality against some most vulnerable people in our society. 

Katrina Day

BSc MA Cert Ed

Campaigner against digital implants and transhumanism


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